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Midland Storytelling Festival

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December 14

First United Methodist Church
Times: 10:00 AM & 7:00 PM

300 North Main Street
Midland, Texas 79701
Parking West of Church

Nine Nationally
Acclaimed Storytellers
Long before written records, human beings preserved their histories through the art form of storytelling. Since the 1980s, teaching-and-learning experts have acknowledged storytelling as a powerful instructional technique that appeals to all ages and all abilities. In addition to entertaining diverse audiences and increasing everyone's sense of joy, stories told by master tellers entice students to listen more attentively and think more deeply. Stories also give meaning to new vocabulary words and motivate students to use the words in their everyday lives. Stories open windows into nearby and faraway cultures. Through story narratives, knowledge about other cultures increases. Over time, students begin to recognize that humans share many more similarities than differences, and acceptance of others gradually develops.

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For Information or Tickets, Contact:
Sue Roseberry
Phone: (432) 685-3876